glory, a creation by m. manzoni & r. tapinassi, effortlessly blends classic aesthetics with a modern sensibility, resulting in an iconic and essential design. the meticulous use of exquisite materials, such as pelle leonardo leather, adds a touch of luxury and refinement to the overall experience. the sideboard boasts a sleek and elegant silhouette, with vertical handles on one side and handleless drawers on the other, creating a striking symmetry that accentuates the thin wooden top.

the doors and drawers of glory are beautifully adorned with leather upholstery, offering a bold and unique color palette that makes a captivating statement. the combination of rich colors and supple textures adds depth and character to the sideboard, making it a true centerpiece in any space. completing the design are the slim legs, which impart an ethereal quality, juxtaposing the solid and refined structure of glory with a sense of lightness and grace.

with its perfect harmony of classic elements and contemporary allure, glory stands as a testament to timeless design, elevating any interior with its sophistication and elegance. a blend of masterful craftsmanship and thoughtful aesthetics, glory embodies the essence of italian design, capturing hearts with its alluring charm and striking presence.

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