introducing jupiter: where space-age design meets material obsession, and sitting becomes akin to resting on clouds. from its sleek metal base to the futuristic fiberglass shell, every element signifies a new era—the space age. as you sink into the soft feather padding and luxuriate in the exquisite upholstery, a feeling of weightlessness envelops you, as if you were sitting on clouds.

in jupiter lite, the glass fiber has been replaced by polyurethane, offering a more flexible version of the chair. the shell is now also available upholstered in leonardo leather in all its colors, providing a touch of opulence and versatility. this new iteration of jupiter maintains the same high-quality craftsmanship while offering a slightly different experience from the original, catering to those seeking a unique variation within the jupiter range. indulge in jupiter's celestial comfort, where innovation meets luxurious design for an unparalleled seating experience.

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