drawing inspiration from the bamboo stirrer in the japanese tea tradition, the rosolina dining table exudes an air of elegance and simplicity. its slim and graceful form transports you to the serene ambiance of a traditional tea ceremony.

exquisite workmanship is evident in the copper and bronze metal legs, adorned with intricate details reminiscent of gold leaf. the geometric metal form at the center of the table seamlessly integrates with the design, creating a captivating ensemble.

rosolina offers complete customization, allowing you to tailor it to your tastes and needs with a handmade forged copper serving tray atop the table. this thoughtful addition enhances its functionality and charm.

embrace the beauty of rosolina, where a wide range of tabletop options awaits, from smoked and bronze glass to luxurious marble, from rich lacquer colors to exotic coatings. elevate your dining experience with this enchanting table, where elegance and grace converge, transforming any space into a captivating setting.

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