cartagine, designed by m. lipparini, showcases masterful craftsmanship and enchanting design. the tables in the cartagine collection feature slightly curved vertical panels seamlessly blending into the hexagonal top, creating a captivating and seamless transition. the attention to detail and unique forms of these low tables give them an appearance of hovering, making them stand out as a statement piece in any home.

the careful craftsmanship and attention to design make the cartagine collection a truly remarkable addition to any domestic environment. the tables' elegant and sophisticated look, combined with their distinctive shape, adds a touch of modernity and style to your living space.

the cartagine tables are available in a choice of walnut or palissandro finishes, allowing you to select the one that best complements your interior decor. with their enchanting effect and standout design, the cartagine tables bring an aura of charm and uniqueness to any room they adorn.

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